30th September 2016

Recycling Technologies selected to participate accelerator programme for entrepreneurs

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Unreasonable Impact is the first social and environmentally focused accelerator programme that boosts entrepreneurs across multiple geographies

GLOUCESTER, SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 – Unreasonable Impact, the first international network of accelerators focused on scaling up entrepreneurial solutions to pressing societal and environmental problems while tackling global unemployment, has selected Recycling Technologies as a leading UK-based participant.

Recycling Technologies was selected among nine other enterprises from the UK and Ireland for its focus on its highly scalable solution of converting residual plastic waste into valuable low sulphur hydrocarbon called Plaxx™ to address the global problem of plastic waste. Additionally, Recycling Technologies has demonstrated the potential to create at least 500 new jobs over the next five years. Together, each selected venture aims to catalyse thousands of jobs through introducing new industries and technologies that solve seemingly intractable global challenges.

Adrian Griffiths, CEO, presenting his vision for Recycling Technologies at the Unreasonable Impact accelerator programme for entrepreneurs tackling global challenges

Unreasonable Impact is a partnership initiative created by Barclays in collaboration with the Unreasonable Group, a prominent platform for entrepreneurs solving global challenges with highly scalable models. The first programme runs from 24 September – 8 October 2016 in Gloucester, with additional programmes launching in the US later this autumn and in Asia in spring 2017. In addition to Recycling Technologies, the other 10 participating companies focus on a diverse range of global challenges, including food production, remote healthcare support, deforestation, water shortage, wastewater treatment, and sustainable recycling.

During the two-week intensive UK programme, the entrepreneurs will receive focused and bespoke support, advice, and guidance from business experts, serial entrepreneurs, and key funders to help them scale their ventures and create the much needed jobs of tomorrow.

Adrian Griffiths, Managing Director of Recycling Technologies said: “It is a privilege for Recycling Technologies to be partnering in this great initiative alongside Unreasonable Impact. Both organisations truly believe in tackling global issues and the recycling of residual waste plastic is a major need. Success would not only have significant environmental impacts but create employment opportunities in industries around the world.

Daniel Epstein, founder and CEO of Unreasonable Group said: “Within the next four years, it is estimated that we will need 212 million new jobs to accommodate current unemployment and projected job loss due to new industries. We are privileged to be partnering with because both our organisations believe the solution to alleviating global unemployment lies in supporting and scaling high-growth entrepreneurs like Recycling Technologies as job creators.”

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