23rd April 2018

Recycling Technologies targets Benelux for its revolutionary closed-loop chemical plastics recycling machine

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Recycling Technologies exhibiting at PRS Europe, Amsterdam (stand F10), to collaborate with the waste and petrochemical sectors to boost the circular economy for plastics.

Amsterdam, PRSE 23rd April – Recycling Technologies is actively seeking six sites in the Benelux for its innovative, modular RT7000 machine which chemically converts mixed plastic wastes back to an oil called Plaxx®.
UK-based Recycling Technologies’ RT7000 makes the circular economy for a comprehensive range of plastics a reality. Due to the chemical nature of the recycling process, the RT7000 is able to recycle plastics currently considered unrecyclable such as plastic film, laminated and coloured plastics. RT7000 converts plastic waste back into Plaxx®, a hydrocarbon from which new polymers can be made. The company now plans to expand its operations into Europe and has identified Benelux as an important market.
“Following a recent funding round, when we received strong support from existing backers and a significant €1.1M investment from global energy trader InterChem, we plan to develop the business in the Benelux. This region has been selected for its strategic importance to the petrochemical sector, its strong research institutions and its appetite to embrace innovation in creating value from waste.” says Rupert Haworth, Sales and Marketing Director at Recycling Technologies.
Recycling Technologies aims to install six initial machines in the Benelux to boost recycling rates for plastics and provide industrial quantities of recycled feedstock, Plaxx®, to polymer manufacturers. With the general public alarmed at plastic pollution in our oceans and the Circular Economy Package proposing targets for all packaging to be recyclable by 2030, demand for commercially viable solutions to recycle a comprehensive range of polymers and pack formats is high.
Rupert Haworth represents Recycling Technologies at stand F10 PRSE Amsterdam (24-25 April 2018) and along with the team are keen to connect with energy and waste management partners, chemical companies and brand owners to discuss the role of RT7000 in the plastics value chain and possible sites for 2019 and beyond.
By cost effectively mass-producing RT7000s and distributing them to existing waste handling sites, Recycling Technologies’ keeps plastic waste in the economy and returns it in a usable form to manufacturers. Now the loop can be closed in the plastics value chain for all plastics – including films, laminates and coloured plastics.
If you are interested in siting an RT7000 in your operations or meeting up with Recycling Technologies at PRSE, please visit us at stand F10 or alternatively you can get in touch with the sales team by contacting

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