19th December 2018

the Swindonian discusses Project Lodestar

Featured image for the Swindonian discusses Project Lodestar

“Recycling Technologies, on behalf of the project’s partners, today announces the publication of the results of Project Lodestar. This case study shows the potential for waste site operators to recycle ‘all plastics’ by combining state-of-the-art mechanical and feedstock recycling in an advanced Plastics Reprocessing Facility.
“Lodestar is a Pioneer Project initiated and run by participant organisations of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative. Project Lodestar was led by Recycling Technologies, joining forces with leading global stakeholders, including petrochemical companies and consumer brand companies. Partners from across the plastic value chain collaborated on researching and designing a blue-print for an advanced Plastics Reprocessing Facility (aPRF) utilising mechanical and feedstock recycling in a single combined facility. The participant group consisted of representatives from Borealis, Coca-Cola, EcoldeaM, ExcelRise, Danone, Impact Solutions, Mars, NexTek, The Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance, NatureWorks, Re-Poly, Swire Beverages, Recycling Technologies, Unilever and Zero Waste Scotland.”
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